Mail Chimp Anounces 5.2 is LIVE

Mail Chimp just launched MailChimp v5.2 across all accounts.

There are major social integrations, plus major updates and enhancements to existing features, like full-screen content editing, list/group batch edits, and more.

I’ts full of Social Media integration and apps!

Free for the first 500 subscribers and great New features all the time – I say Mail chimp is the way to go!

Check it out at

Dr Bob Parsons Tips – How to Sell Anything On the Internet

How to Sell Anything On the Internet

Dr Bob is at it again with his Tips – How To Sell Anything On The Internet –

Short, Sweet and to the point – I guess a man who has been around the internet as long as DrBobParsons has should be able to boil the whole internet selling process down to less than a 6 min video!

Go Dr Bob!

Need to register a domain? GoDaddy is an excellent place to go!  Tops in Customer Service – They will even walk you through the whole process! Check it out….

Click here for Dr Bob Parsons 16 Rules of Success

Get out of Your Comfort Zone!

6 Steps to “Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!”

Today’s Video comes to us from GoDaddy‘s Dr Bob Parsons.  The  typical  GoDaddy “In Your Face”  type of video, so not for the timid, AND it gets to the point in a way that hits home.


Looking for a place to purchase Your Next Domain?  How about GoDaddy?  One of the Best Known Domain Name Registrations Services around!

Click Here For DrBob Parson’s 16 Rules of Success

What is your Daily Process of "Procrastination"

Are you a Procrastinator?

What is your Daily Process to “Get Stuff Done”?

Does your day ever go like this?  Ever wonder why you seem stuck in the same place? Never Getting Stuff Done?

I have had more than my fair share of days go like this fellow’s.  Oh How frustrating that can be!  It seems like I am doing “so much” when in reality I am spinning my wheeles and wasting time.

Is it avoidance? Is it that I am truly distracted?  Just not interested?  I don’t always recognize the cause, let alone what I am doing until late in the day.

I am glad to say that I have grown a bit since those days and can now focus much better and actually “get stuff done”  On day at a time stomping out the procrastination monster!

Until Next time.

Signing off…

PS: Thank you,  Tales Of Mere Existence for the “Procrastination” video


Validation –

“Validation” is a fable about the magic of free parking, and the power of a Smile. – and of course, a catchy tune to boot!

I love just listening to this video, it always lifts my mood, and not too long after it starts I find myself smiling, that is always a good thing.
So when was the last time you made someones day by acknowledging them. By letting them know how much you value them and who they are for you?

Did you make their day?  Did it make your day? Or, if it happened for you, did it make your day?

Go ahead – Make someones day today!  Let them know what they mean to you, let them know you care. I know you can. You are Amazing, and you have a great smile.

So you might be asking yourself, how does a video about acknowledging and validating people related to Marketing and Consulting?  Well, here’s how, it is my belief that my clients are the most important part of my business.  Most important part of any business for that matter.  Without our clients, our most valuable asset, we have no reason to be in business.  It is for this reason I take pride in working with our clients, being of service, to create with them the next steps in bringing their unique value to their customers and clients.

I look forward to working with you, and seeing how Bucket Marketing and Consulting can support you and your business needs.


Testing out Offline Blog Manager Qumana

This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System – well not really. It is just my usual line for any testing purposes.  And Since I have a client / Friend who is in need of something simpler than logging into their site every time they want to post… I found this one to test. 

Seems ok so far, handles video, easy to setup, I can choose a category and I believe tags –

So as the story goes, no news is good news – I am going to publish this post and see how things go – if there are no hitches chances are I will leave it at that – if there is a hitch – well either you won’t see this post at all – or I’ll have to provide a comment re my experience.

Well Here Goes!

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New FTC Rules 12/1/09 – Are you ready?

Last October the FTC released updated regulations for those of us in the Marketing community – and yes, it effects online and offline activities.  The seemingly biggest area of concern is with testimonials. You know those little tidbits of information that advertisers add from someone who could live down the street from you about how great they did with the product, whether it be weight loss, money earned or increase in gas mileage.

How does it change – well let me start with the fact that  I am not anywhere close to being a laywer – and it is in your own best interest as a marketer or business owner to check out the new regs for your self and consult with your laywer.

Back to changes, formerly until now we have been able to use a “safe harbor” clause that goes something like “results not typical” “results may vary” to let the audience know that though this may sound really good, they may not get the same results, in fact their results may be much much less.  Well, now the FTC is looking for the actual average results of your clients – yep – remember that large group of people who bought your product and left it on the shelf – you have to include them, especially (to my understanding) if you use those numerically significant type results – I make $10,000 a day with this new program….

Now the details are shaking out still – especially once Dec 1 arrives.  So, part of the strategy could be wait and see – but it may not be the best.  I hear from Frank Kern’s blog post – who has had a run in with the FTC that compliance is better than asking for forgiveness.

Choice is yours – December 1 comes regardless of your choice.

Link for FTC Regs

Take care,