What’s your Strategy for Success?

This past weekend we had a couple of great examples of planning ahead for success in extreme situations.  I would call one a success and the other a learning opportunity.

The one I call an opportunity is the Metrodome in Minneapolis which collapsed this past Sunday am.  The original Plan was to have the Vikings / Giants game on Sunday, but Mother Nature had other plans. First the Giants were diverted and held up in Kansas City, and being a former resident there, I think they did OK for a holding spot.  So they postponed the game to first a later time and then to Monday, so far so good.  TV Producers = 1, Mother Nature = 1.  Mother Nature was not to be out done by any means for this event, so instead of taking it easy and letting the game resume in its original location decided to drop extra snow, stir up the winds ever higher and for a grand finally cave in the roof of the Metrodome.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look…

Watching that video is the closest I’d ever like to come to an avalanche!  Is the dome an engineering miracle? Yes, do I have idea’s on why or how it collapsed (as in which part gave way first) sure, but I think it’s better to let the guys responsible for the structural integrity of the dome comment on that.  They know better anyway.

Another Strategic example of Engineering and Planning is the Denial of Service Attack attempted against Amazon this past weekend.  The group that launched the attack has been successful with other sites, but couldn’t break Amazon.. Why?  Well because Amazon has designed it’s website and server structure for just such events, well for the Christmas rush of Shoppers anyway.  So when these guys launched and started to press the refresh button thousands of times at the same time, Amazon’s EC2 protocol yawned, and adjusted to accommodate the added demand for access to the site.  After about an hour the attackers relented and gave up for at least that day. more info here

So how does this relate to your business and web marketing?  First of all any project that is long term at some points takes on planning to limit or eliminate both the day to day potential failures and the long term failures.  If you have enough forethought, insight and understanding of the project most likely you will be able to weather the storms of your business life.  If however you haven’t looked deep enough or careful enough you might miss something that could cost more than you bargained for.

What are a few key things to look for ?

  1. Are you site visitors and sales going up or down?
  2. Your List, is it growing, shrinking or dying by stagnation?
  3. Are you building a list?
  4. How old is your website?
  5. What is your customer retention plan?
  6. Do you have a Marketing Plan for 2011?

This is just a few of the strategies I can help you with as you build and grow your business.

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