What is your Daily Process of "Procrastination"

Are you a Procrastinator?

What is your Daily Process to “Get Stuff Done”?

Does your day ever go like this?  Ever wonder why you seem stuck in the same place? Never Getting Stuff Done?

I have had more than my fair share of days go like this fellow’s.  Oh How frustrating that can be!  It seems like I am doing “so much” when in reality I am spinning my wheeles and wasting time.

Is it avoidance? Is it that I am truly distracted?  Just not interested?  I don’t always recognize the cause, let alone what I am doing until late in the day.

I am glad to say that I have grown a bit since those days and can now focus much better and actually “get stuff done”  On day at a time stomping out the procrastination monster!

Until Next time.

Signing off…

PS: Thank you,  Tales Of Mere Existence for the “Procrastination” video