New FTC Rules 12/1/09 – Are you ready?

Last October the FTC released updated regulations for those of us in the Marketing community – and yes, it effects online and offline activities.  The seemingly biggest area of concern is with testimonials. You know those little tidbits of information that advertisers add from someone who could live down the street from you about how great they did with the product, whether it be weight loss, money earned or increase in gas mileage.

How does it change – well let me start with the fact that  I am not anywhere close to being a laywer – and it is in your own best interest as a marketer or business owner to check out the new regs for your self and consult with your laywer.

Back to changes, formerly until now we have been able to use a “safe harbor” clause that goes something like “results not typical” “results may vary” to let the audience know that though this may sound really good, they may not get the same results, in fact their results may be much much less.  Well, now the FTC is looking for the actual average results of your clients – yep – remember that large group of people who bought your product and left it on the shelf – you have to include them, especially (to my understanding) if you use those numerically significant type results – I make $10,000 a day with this new program….

Now the details are shaking out still – especially once Dec 1 arrives.  So, part of the strategy could be wait and see – but it may not be the best.  I hear from Frank Kern’s blog post – who has had a run in with the FTC that compliance is better than asking for forgiveness.

Choice is yours – December 1 comes regardless of your choice.

Link for FTC Regs

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